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10 Soft Skills for the Modern Jobseeker

31 August 2022

Having qualifications and experience in your chosen field is almost 90% of the weight of getting a new job. However, employers are increasingly looking at the soft skills of applicants in an attempt to hire the right fit that is not only proficient but works well alongside the organisation’s values.

Here are 10 Soft Skills that will definitely give you an edge in the corporate world.

1. Communication:

More listening and less talking is the idea and you should always try to listen without interrupting. When speaking you should always adopt a positive tone with convincing body language.

2. Persuasion:

Being persuasive in the workplace means you have to identify what other people care about and then create stories around them in order to make a connection.

3. Negotiation:

When undertaking negotiations you should always listen first and then having an understanding of what the other party wants, you should propose solutions that will provide mutual benefits to both sides.

4. Relationship Building

Building relationships in the workplace is definitely a good idea and one way of doing this is to help others unconditionally in order to obtain their trust, loyalty and cooperation.

5. Empathy:

Being empathetic means taking a genuine interest to understand and acknowledge the feelings of others and looking at the issue from different perspectives and lenses.

6. Positive attitude:

In order to maintain a positive attitude, you should never gossip at work and also be aware of how any criticism or complaining may have an effect on your relationships with other co-workers.

7. Teamwork:

If you work in a team always celebrate other people’s wins and be generous with your praise for other teammates and never claim all the credit for any achievements.

8. Conflict Resolution:

To ensure a harmonious workplace always try to focus on solutions and minimise creating more problems or questions that can lead to unnecessary arguments and or accusations. If you ever do happen to be in the wrong always apologise.

9. Time Management:

Time management is a very important soft skill and in order to master this, you should learn how to prioritise tasks, delegate duties and also be able to say ‘no’ when required.

10. Work Ethic:

To be a successful employee and maximise your career potential always take ownership and responsibility for your assigned duties and tasks. Aim to always keep to your commitments and avoid blaming others and passing the ball.

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