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Key personality traits to get you hired!

31 July 2022

With an increasing trend towards migration overseas, many Sri Lankans are finding themselves in demand as the labour pool becomes smaller. 

When it comes to being recruited, having a colourful and attractive CV will definitely get you ahead but your personality counts for as much or even more, than your qualifications and experience. 

Your personality traits, for example being friendly, kind and polite will project well in a face-to-face or online interview. Potential employers will often evaluate your personality traits during the interview and selection process.

It can be considered that the personality traits a candidate displays at the interview will most likely echo in the workplace. So if an employer is looking for someone honest, trustworthy and responsible, by showcasing those or similar personality traits at an interview, candidates stand a better chance of moving forward in the interview process. 

All employees prefer a workplace that is comfortable and easy to work in. Having team members with negative personality traits can have an impact on effectiveness and team work. 

How can I show off my personality?

It is the little things like smiling, minding your manners and your general behaviour and attitude, that contribute to your personality when it comes to an interview. Another opportunity is when replying to questions posed by the interviewer as this can provide a glimpse of your personality to potential employers.

There are many studies and theories surrounding the topic of personalities, however, you should always put yourself in the shoes of the employer to obtain a clear grasp of what kind of personality they are seeking.

Being trustworthy, loyal, efficient, honest, reliable, diligent, responsible and willing to learn, are generally among the most sought-after personality traits by business owners.

So the next time you get the chance to show off your personality do a bit of research and understand what your future employer is on the lookout for. 

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