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Five Top Tips to Face a Job Interview Successfully…

25 September 2022

So you saw the vacancy advertisement on Dreamjobs.lk and then you applied. After some time you are invited to face an interview.

Below we feature Five Top Tips to Face Job Interviews:

1. Do you Research

This is critical to getting through the interview. You should, first of all, read up all about the position you are applying for and understand all the duties, responsibilities and deliverables related to the role.

Furthermore, you should thoroughly read up on the complying company, its activities, operations, processes and other details that relate to your exacting role.

The job description or role profile is also very important and you should pay special attention to this as it sets the expectations right from the outset.

2. Be Punctual

You don’t want to be late for a job interview. It could be online or in-person but whichever it may be, you should not be late for the start.

Given that many job interviews are conducted online these days, applicants must take extra care in ensuring that there is a stable internet connection, you have the required software or have logged in to the platform mentioned in the invitation.

3. Appearances Matter

If you have a keen interest in securing the job and are serious then you should look the part. Although your interview may be held online you should always make it a point to look smart, presentable and hirable.

Those considering senior roles can even opt for jackets and ties if the image persona calls for it, why not?

4. Sell Yourself

You should share how your existing skills, knowledge and experience will be an asset to your employer and how you can leverage the principles learned from your qualifications to help better do the tasks assigned to you. 

Instead of boasting about your abilities with long-winded and irreverent statements, candidates should focus on connecting the dots between their existing skills, knowledge and experience and how each of those will contribute to ensuring the job gets done surpassing expectations. 

5. Ask Questions

Employers often prefer candidates that have insightful questions that help to gauge the candidate in their enthusiasm and ability. The questions may revolve around your working patterns, duties, responsibilities and deliverables. But they may also be about working hours, dress codes or other information. 

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