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The Art of the Perfect vacancy Ad

31 October 2022

On the Dreamjobs.lk recruitment platform, some vacancy ads obtain better results than others. Below we highlight five key areas that your vacancy ad should cover in order to obtain the best results and candidates that are most matching and suitable.

1. About the Company of Business

Almost all vacancy ads should begin with an introduction or summary about the company or business posting the ad. In addition to the name of the particular company or business and its logo, you should also make sure to mention the sector or industry it operates in and briefly provide an insight into the history and background of the organisation.

2. Job Description and Job Title

This area should cover all the elements of the particular job being posted including the duties, roles, and responsibilities. This section should be thorough and well explained so potential recruits immediately understand the exact nature of the position and the activities and results that are expected of the employee. 

3. Candidate Profile

This area should note down all the skills, experience and knowledge the ideal candidate should have in order to be effective and successful at the job being advertised. 

In addition to any educational qualifications, the vacancy ad should also include the required experience and also the desired knowledge and understanding of the relevant industry or sector.

4. Compensation and Benefits

Possibly the most critical and important area to cover would be mentioning details of the compensation and benefits package that the successful applicant would receive. This is often the key to attracting and retaining productive team members.

5. Next Steps

This area should very clearly highlight the next steps for those wanting to apply. It could be that they have to send an email with their CV or they may have to visit a website and submit their details online. Given the competition that exists for top talent, the more simple and easy it is to apply the higher the chance you would be able to obtain the best results, in terms of the number of applications. 

At all times make sure your vacancy ad is appealing and interesting. The descriptions should activate the interest of the reader and make them excited about applying for the position. 

As a general rule, the more specific and detailed the vacancy ad, the more applicants that meet the criteria will apply. Good luck!

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