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5 Questions to ask at a job interview

30 November 2022

Job interviews are a way for potential employers to get to know more about applicants and discover what they offer and bring to the table. However, job interviews are also an ideal platform for job applicants to ask questions that can provide them with insights into their potential employer’s company, operations and also the finer points of the potential job role.

1. Could you please take me through the requirements of the job role and also any expectations?

This question will enable applicants to get a firm grasp of what duties, tasks and responsibilities are required and the expectations that are in place.

2. What are the benefits the company offers?

Many employers now attract the best talent by offering various benefits and incentives. With a competitive job market in place inquiring about the benefits on offer is important.

3. How can I progress in my role?

This is a valid question that many serious applicants would link to know in order to ensure that this job role fits in well with their career progress and development. Most candidates are looking at constantly progressing their careers in line with their personal objectives.

4. What future plans does this company have?

Be it expansion, diversification, or growth, understanding the future path of the potential employer will help give applicants a sense of confidence in the potential, capability and capacity of the company or organization.

5. How much do you offer in terms of remuneration?

Perhaps the most important question to ask a potential employer is this. Of course, that is if they do not bring it up themselves. This question will set the bar if any negotiations are going to take place revolving around pay, salary, allowances and any other types of compensation.

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