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Skills for the Future

21 March 2022

In a post pandemic world facing numerous economic hardships, the job market is shrinking although this is countered by new employment opportunities that are created by innovators and disruptors.

If you are happy in your chosen profession but unsure of your future career prospects then it may be the time to revisit your skill set to update and secure your future.

Learning new skills is not always easy, especially if you are mid-way in your career journey however the benefits of doing so can be invaluable.

Having knowledge of the latest updates and knowledge regarding your chosen career can set you apart in your next job interview. 

It is of course really important to first identify the skills and knowledge you require and then proceed to obtain them. A mismatch of skills and knowledge that is not relevant, valid or required by your profession will be redundant and actually be disadvantageous to you.

Where can I learn new skills?

Having identified what is required it is important to structure your approach in obtaining these skills and knowledge. There are many paid and free methods to do this. The internet offers a treasure trove of learning opportunities and if you were to spend some quality time researching your learning options there are a number of avenues to be explored. 

Learning is a lifelong journey and we must all realise its importance in helping to further our career goals and objectives.

If you are considering mobile app development for example then Franklin Training is an online remote learning platform that delivers effective mobile app development training in both Flutter and iOS.

With Franklin Training you could be making your very own mobile apps within a period as short as three weeks. Such remote learning platforms make learning accessible to anyone with a smartphone and the curiosity to learn.

If I migrate will I be able to find a job?

If you are having difficulties in securing employment in your chosen profession, then migration could be a possibility. To be successful a lot of advance planning would be required. 

The first action would be to do an audit of the countries that are having scope in your chosen procession. Having shortlisted a few countries you must then thoroughly understand the potential of securing employment and the current market situation for your skills and knowledge. 

This research phase may reveal that your skills may indeed be outdated and this would be an important moment to do a thorough skills audit to find out where you may be lacking and need to upskill. 

You can then begin the process of entering a migration journey by submitting your application along with evidence of your career and professional achievements. Depending on your qualifications, you may find that many countries have a demand for individuals of your profile.

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