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The Future of Recruitment

22 April 2022

The recent global impact of conflicts, climate change and the Covid-19 Pandemic has turned the world on its head as everyday more and more industries encounter obstacles that they must overcome in order to succeed.

In an increasingly technology driven world, the future of recruitment also looks set to reach out to technology in order to improve both efficiency and productivity. The use of AI or artificial intelligence within modern hiring mechanisms ensures immense savings in both time and cost with regard to recruitment.

Employers can now easily filter out unsuitable applicants across various stages thereby making sure only those with the most suitable profiles are shortlisted.

Initial filtering could be in the form of pre-application questions (often used to screen only those who meet the minimum qualifications) or online evaluation tests as an example.

HR Automation

Process automation is now also part of HR as a demanding and constantly changing economic landscape creates new opportunities. Automation makes it easy for recruiters to quickly discover the right fit for employers in a short period of time. 

AI can also be utilised to collate data from online exams and evaluations of training sessions, in order to supply HR decision makers with insights that can help them support their decision to hire.

From an applicant’s perspective, it is assumed that all applicants would have at a minimum a basic knowledge of IT and how to use a computer or smartphone.

Applicants also need to be smart and think smart in order to stand out in a very competitive recruitment landscape. The future of recruitment was and is digital. 

From posting job vacancies and filtering candidates, to conducting interviews and evaluations, technology is spearheading the next wave of recruitment solutions. AI based algorithms can now help match candidates with the most suitable profiles against the personal specifications provided by employers.

Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

However, to succeed in today’s job market in addition to having IT skills, applicants must also showcase that they have knowledge of the latest trends and developments in their respective fields. 

Being up to date in any line of work is important as it provides job seekers the ability to confidently and professionally undertake duties and responsibilities delegated to them. 

If you are considering a role in any IT related field then knowledge of the latest languages, programs, softwares and applications is a must as it will give you a leading edge against other candidates. 
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Find Your Dream Job

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DreamJobs.lk has a database of over 300,000 registered job seekers, each with a specific skill set and in addition, partners with over 2,500 employers in order to showcase the best jobs for the best talent; making it the natural choice for job seekers of all backgrounds.

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